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What is IGrambrowser ?

IGRAMBROWSER is an Instagram Marketing software on the Windows operating system. Igrambrowser have internal browser that will help you to optimize Instagram features and help you to run successful Instagram marketing campaign

Unlimited profile.

You can run multiple Instagram account with IGrambrowser.

Proxy support

IGrambrowser have features proxy support to avoid banned Instagram account when you run multiple account in same time

light and fast internal browser

We build Internal browser to optimize and run all Instagram Marketing features

affordable price

The most affordable price with 1 year updates. check other price of Instagram Marketing tool and compare with our price

Why You Must Choose IGrambrowser

  • With this All Features, Igrambrowser offer you effective IG Marketing Campaign than other software

  • No more worry about downtime issues like using web based IG Marketing tool.

  • Affordable Price than other software. we do not cost you monthly payment like other software.

IGrambrowser Feature

Check some feature in IGrambrowser. We always updates our software with latest Instagram algorithm

Advanced scraper

with our advanced scraper, you can scrape any details of instagram account you need to know. scrape by location, by hashtags, by post id and many more

Safe and secure

IGrambrowser act like human behavior so make you IG Account more safe and secure. we also have proxy support features to avoid risk get banned by IG

unlimited account profile

We don’t have limit. you can run unlimited IG account as you want. Easily manage multiple IG Account with minimal work and easy interface

Auto Follow and unfollow

Easy Automation for Follow and Unfollow. IGrambrowser system allows you to target and interact with users in real time.

content research

You can analyze IG content by likes, comment, hashtags and location. easy to find Viral Content from other IG User.

hashtag research

Research and analyze popular hashtag. Get more effective and rank your Instagram post

Auto Pilot Post

You can set up your posting schedule. Find content from other users and use it. Post YT Video Direct To Instagram, auto repost from other user content and many more

Auto Direct Message

You can send direct message to followers, new follower or target account.

Auto Likes & Auto Comment

Automation Likes and comment to your target post. With this features you can set target like and comment for IG post

Powerfull Addon

Additional Features you need to run effective IG Campaign. We always develop IGrambrowser with a lot of feature and updates with your need to run IG marketing campaign

Account Statistic

Show Progress your account growth. check your progress follower statistic. Post Statistic and many more.

User Insight

You can analyze other user account or competitor account by date and time posting also check popular content or find viral content from another IG User.


average rating

IG Account managed

“Simple concept but effective. this is best IG Bot software that I ever use”

Topkis, ads.id

“Affordable price but have a lot of features. I love this software. Stimulate with human behaviour make my account more safe and avoid limit and banned”

JKO87, IG CPA affiliate

“Easy Follow and Unfollow, Powerful software for IG marketing. Recommended to buy. I just want a say Thanks you for build and develop IGrambrowser”

Dave lancey, Drop shipping marketing


Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about IGrambrowser.

How Many Installation can use for 1 license?

1 license only valid for 1 PC/Desktop/Laptop or Windows VPS installation. But You can reset license or move license to another PC/Desktop/Laptop or Windows VPS if you want without limitation. Reset license/Transfer license is easy and fast via member area.

This license only for 1 Years access?

Yes, Valid access with all features only for 1 years. but if you do not doing renewal after 1 years, you still can use IGramBrowser with limited features

Can I install in Mac?

No. This Software only work with windows system. We not release in mac version

Windows minimum requirements?
  • Windows XP
  • RAM 1 GIGA
  • Netframework 4.5.2Visual C++ Redistributable Packages forVisual Studio 2013

Work and Tested : Windows XP, Windows server 2015, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Do you have Support system?

Yes we have it. Customer is King. We promise you good and responsive support system always ready to help.

Do you have tutorial or Documentation?

Yes we have it. We provide  Document, Video Tutorial and support group via FB Group

What payment methods are accepted?

You can use all four of the major credit cards to make payments with PayPal. These are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. or if you have paypal account you can pay direct using your paypal account

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